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LOW COST FREIGHT !!!! and immediate delivery.


Laro and Hunter Stator/Magneto, fits all Regal Raptors and Prostreets. SPT, Venom, Hunter Daytona, Hunter Spider, Hunter Bobber, Hunter 250 Cruiser.


The outside diameter is 93mm x 29mm wide.

Bore diameter is 35mm and has 3off 5mm mounting holes have a center to center pitch of 38mm.

Length of lead 160mm from stator to the rubber grommet, then 325mm to the 3 male pin plug fitting.

Total overall length is 485mm. This stator has 3 yellow phase wires. The pulse coil is a separate item.


NOTE: It is very very important that the 3off, 5mm allen head securing bolts be Loctited in or the stator WILL come loose. Please also order a new stator cover gasket, it will save you having to do the job twice because it will leak.

  After instillation check with a multi meter  the stator output, place your multi meter on AC volts and check from each yellow phase wire in the plug fitting with the positive lead to yellow wire then the negative to earth, with the motor running and the reading should be between 55v to 75v AC check all three phase wires separately. If you have this output and you do not have from 14 to 14.5 volts DC at the battery the Voltage Regulator has been burnt out when the stator malfunctioned. 

Laro and Hunter Stator/Magneto, fits all models.

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